Taxi Payment

Taxi Payment

Taxi is on-the-move 7/24—literally. Drivers pick up and deliver customers constantly, with little down time, and no guarantee of wired connectivity at any time, on any shift. WisePOS™ provides a safe, reliable, and mobile payment solution to keep transportation businesses moving. WisePOS™ expands customer payment options to debit, credit, and even tap- and-pay with customer-friendly functions that

allow for easy tipping, fare-splitting, and coupon redemption. Advanced driver apps provide business-related functionality like scheduling and bookkeeping. Integration of WisePOS™ with the meter itself reduces the possibility of fare tabulation errors. WisePOS™ keeps transportation businesses moving forward and moving up.


  • Provide totally wireless transaction capacity.
  • Expand payment options and customer satisfaction.
  • Offer easy tipping and receipt options to customers.
  • Maximize driver security with a flexible and cashless mPOS system.
  • Minimize device size and weight, and limit the need for peripheral devices.
  • Utilize expanded functionality to provide real-time transaction information.


  • Totally stand-alone system with expanded payment options.
  • Real-time payment processing and validation.
  • Immediate accounting of fares and payments.
  • Apps to push tipping and coupon redemption.
  • Driver apps for scheduling and accounting.
  • Paperless transactions.

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