Chipper™ 3X BT Specifications



EMV chip card reader (ISO 7816 compliant class A, B, C card)
Magnetic Stripe Card ReaderDual tracks (track 1 & 2)
NFC card reader (EMV contactless, ISO 14443A/B)
Over-the-air firmware update
Over-the-air key update


Bluetooth® 4.0, US


Reset button, Power on/ off button

Power & Battery

Lithium polymer rechargeable battery 650mAh, 3.7V


Via Micro USB, 3 hours for fully charged


LED status indicator & NFC LED indicators

Power & Battery

Lithium polymer rechargeable battery 650mAh, 3.7V


Via micro USB

Swipe Speed

15cm/sec – 100cm/sec

LED Indicator

All LEDs o - button release to power down
Red LED on - device starting up / Charging battery
Red LED o - fully charged
Red LED ashing - low battery / Critical low battery
Blue LED on - bluetooth is connected
Blue LED ashing - standby mode / waiting for connect bluetooth or bluetooth is disconnected

NFC LED Indicator

Connecting with POS terminal - First LED flashing
Ready for NFC Reading – First LED on
Success Reading – 4 LEDs on in consecutive order
Transaction Completed – One “BEEP” sound
Errors – Two “BEEP”sound
Power o – All LEDs off

Key Management


Encryption Algorithm


Support Operating Syste

Android 2.1 or above
iOS 6.0 or above
Windows Phone 8
MS Windows

Product Size

66.6 x 59.7 x 18.5mm / 2.62 x 2.35 x 0.73inch (approx.)

Product Weight

67g / 2.36oz (approx.)

Operating Temperature

0°C – 45°C (32°F – 113°F)

Operating Humidity

Maximum 95%

Storage Temperature

-20°C – 55°C (-4°F – 131°F)

Storage Humidity

Maximum 95%

Sticky Pad

Removable adhesive

Sticky Pad Size

46.6 x 38mm / 1.84 x 1.50inch (approx.)

*Please check with your BBPOS Representative for the latest certification status.