BBPOS and the Payment Card Industry


Our PTS-approved, P2PE-compliant devices ensure that cyber criminals and fraudsters can’t take advantage of your customers. PTS-approved devices securely capture payment card data at the point-of-interaction, and validate approval to prevent fraud. P2PE-compliant devices means that data encryption at both ends prevents customer data from falling into the wrong hands, and prevents damaging breaches.

Furthermore, P2PE-compliant devices have reduced scope for compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard, ensuring longer device compliance lifetimes and more utility in serving customers.

Key Injection

BBPOS understands that it is critical that your business runs smoothly, that payment transactions are quick and easy for your customers, and that your systems remain secure. We provide cutting-edge encryption services using our TR-39 and PCI PIN-certified key injection facility, to both small and large merchants, at an affordable price.

Our HSM manages keys for card readers, decrypts merchant transaction data, and translates PIN blocks. BBPOS technology exceeds all relevant payment security certification standards and supports the critical algorithms and key management methods used in mPOS transactions. BBPOS keeps your business and customers safe.